Sauvika is the by-product of Verra Sauvika Jury. After growing up in Jakarta, Indonesia, Verra found her love in fashion design and found an outlet to share this vision to like-minded women.

Verra moved to Melbourne in 2006 to begin study and fell in love with the city and has since decided to call it home. Verra's first taste of the fashion world came after collaborating with the Indonesian label, Ruph, back in 2009. Since then, Verra has worked under various fashion projects in Jakarta whilst also planting the seed for her own label, Sauvika.

Sauvika was then born out of Melbourne after Verra settled back to Australia's fashion capital and began her own journey.

 Sauvika's first AW '16 collection featured simple yet modern silhouettes with a minimalist style which was inspired by Verra’s love of the elegant Scandinavian culture, architecture, and interior designs. The colour palette embraced warm doses of black, navy and cream tones.

 Sauvika is formed by authenticity, simplicity, and deep love of sharing our passion and vision to women of every shape and colour. Our aim is to empower women to feel comfortable and confident in our designs. Our garments are designed in Melbourne, Australia and constructed with love in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Words by Jacinta Manivong