Sauvika SS19 - SEMBLANCE

This summer, Sauvika label is excited to collaborate with Swedish-Australian illustrator Elin Matilda to bring you our latest collection SEMBLANCE. Featuring a neutral and dreamy colour palette, the collection explores the balance of outward appearances compared to our innermost emotions.  Elin Matilda’s illustrations pair elegantly with Sauvika’s distinct modern cuts and designs. SEMBLANCE showcases a range of minimalist designs and portraiture coupled with our polished contemporary pieces in true Sauvika style.

The collection aims to acknowledge our emotions despite the fact that our outer appearance can sometimes be deceiving to our inner feelings.  The pieces reflect the desire to let go of emotional restraints and surrender to the lack of control we have when asleep or in our daydreams. The collection bears semblance to being in a dream like state in which we aren’t afraid to express honest thoughts whether they are joyous or sorrowful. Explore, play and enjoy spending your Summer in Sauvika.

Words by Karen E 


Photographer + Art Director : Jess Brohier 

Videographer : Jordan Kaye 

Model : Georgah Crane 

Makeup Artist : Lily Swan 

Hair Stylist : Sabrina Fetter

Assistant Designer : Tuan Pham

Assistant Photographer : Cat Pasceri 

Music: Pat Gabriel