A look at the unilluminated face of life, our Silence collection dances with the beauty and elegant nature extracted from darkness.

The idea of stillness cutting through noise was a source of inspiration behind our contrasting colour palette mixing in oxides of rust, maroon and pigments of oatmeal and navy.

There is a focus on the exploration of the unknown and our inner identity. The collection speaks directly to our fear of silence and confronts us with our distorted views on darkness.

The story of our collaboration with Sally Bourke

Sally Bourke’s ability to metamorphoses a feeling onto canvas pulled us in from the beginning. Sally’s work carries a hidden meaning otherwise difficult to explain through words.

Our appeal stems from her expression on paper paved with history that comes with a sense of darkness and innocence from her life.

With a touch of lucidity through the illustrative artistry of Sally Bourke, we’ve forged details in our design to collide our worlds.


Photographer : Nadeemy Betros

Art Director : Cat Morrison 

Stylist : Marwa Hammoud 

Model : Radha Enstron ( Vivien Model Mgmt )

HMU : Lily Swan 

Assistant Photographer : Robert Ruckus

Words : Jacinta Manivong