TERRA | Spring Summer 17/18

TERRA | Spring Summer 17/18

noun / ˈter-ə / [latin]

Concealed amid the landscapes of Sauvika’s mind, “Terra” was forged with the admiration of Earth and nature in its purest form.

Each garment echoes the stained hues and distinct contours of the Earth; deep green forests, maroon shades of soil, mustard flashes gathered from the sun and the still navy dyes of flowing water.

“Terra” is an idyllic tale of our connection to this land and speaks truths of how beautiful yet fragile it may be.

Words by Jacinta Manivong 











 Photographer : Jess Brohier

 Stylist : Cat Morrison 

 Videographer : Jordy Kaye

 MUA : Sarah McFadden 

 Ass Designer : Bianca Cart 

 Ass Photographer : Bobby Ruckus

 Ass Stylist : Marwa Hammoud

 Art Director : Jess Brohier & Cat Morrison